Air Jordan 1 Spider Verse Gameshow Giveaway with DJ Clark Kent

December 14, 2018

Air Jordan 1 Spider Verse Gameshow Giveaway with DJ Clark Kent

GBNY Air Jordan 1 Spider Verse Gameshow 

The launch of the Air Jordan 1 "Spider Verse" was highly anticipated. It's release perfectly coincided with the Spider-Man into the Spider Verse movie premiere. We had already received countless questions and inquiries on the sneaker so we knew we had to do something special for the official drop.
On Friday, December 14th 2018, we held an in store gameshow giveaway for the Spider Verse Jordan 1's hosted by the legendary DJ Clark Kent. DJ Clark Kent is a Panamanian born, American raised Hip Hop DJ and producer. He has worked with the biggest and best in the music industry from Mariah Carey to Notorious BIG, Jay Z, Kanye, and everyone in between. He has been blessing the culture with his talent since the 1980s. He has also collaborated with Nike numerous times to create original kicks that are constantly selling out. With all of those credentials and more, he was the perfect host for our Spider Verse Giveaway. 
We had hopeful contestants lined up outside of the store hours before the event was scheduled to begin. Once everything was set up and our host was ready, we had Kent pick 10 raffle tickets at random. We announced the tickets and 10 lucky participants were then split into two groups of five who would soon be competing in our question portion of the gameshow. For the first two rounds, we asked the groups of five questions about Nike and Jordan, Spider-Man, and DJ Clark Kent. The three contestants from each group with the most points then moved on to the physical challenges, that's where it got a little crazy! It was a very educational and hilarious event all around. Every participant went home with a free pair of sneakers just for taking part in the gameshow but our grand prize winner got to take home the feetpiece of honor, the Air Jordan 1 "Spider Verse". The event was a success and we definitely are looking forward to doing more things like this in the near future. Thank you to DJ Clark Kent, our contestants and audience, and of course our GBNY team. 
Check out the video recap below!
 Pictures from the Event!

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